Multiple Activity Tower

Test your mettle at the High Rope Course including Bridges, Rockwalls, Commando Nets & other obstacle Courses!

  • Basic : Rs. 850

Fun Adventure for kids with Spider Web, Kids Rope Bridge & other colourful adventures.

  • Basic : Rs. 750
  • Entry only by ticket.
  • All participants to wear safety harness & helmets.
  • Activity only under Instructor’s supervision.
  • Not more than one participant on any Rope course/ Bridge at one time.
  • In rush hour activity queue as per ticket serial number.
  • Adults not allowed on kids area & vice versa.
  • Undertaking an activity under the influence of alcohol/ drugs is Strictly Prohibited.
  • All Guardians/ Escorts with kids to stay 10 ft. away from activity tower.
  • Smoking & eatables banned inside theArena.
  • Maximum time at Activity Tower: 20 minutes
  • Safety is our top most priority.
  • We use world’s safest bungee system under the German safety guidelines.
  • Using our German partners & German technology, entire equipment is imported with test approvals.
  • Only company using the triple safety system namely waist harness, foot harness & the air bag for Bungee.
  • All systems are tested daily before commencing customer activities.
  • We use the top of the line Usha Martin cables for the Zipline.
  • All kid’s activities are done either using inflatables or nets for 100 % safety.
  • All activities are done under trained instructor’s supervision & participants are anchored with a carabineer to prevent any falls.
  • Wearing of helmets & safety harness is compulsory.
  • We have a First Aid station & an evacuation vehicle always at the site.
  • Safety briefing is done for all  activities.

Typically we jump from heights in excess of 55 metres and can maintain jump of ratios of around 15 per hour and in the past have jumped over 150 jumpers on one day at a single site. At our Saket site you will jump from 170 ft.

YES. Participants must be over 14 years of age and in good health. Jumpers over 50 require a doctor certificate and everyone must sign a declaration of sound health and indemnity, to be endorsed by a parent or guardian if the jumper is under 16 years. There are some medical restrictions and these will be clearly displayed on the applications forms. People with mental or physical disabilities may also be able to take the plunge. We have jumped paraplegics and the blind, for whom the experience gives a special satisfaction.

Bungee jumping is a great leveller and anyone, not only the young and the brave can take part. Although the jump itself takes only a few seconds the memory will last a lifetime. All our proud jumpers are presented with a certificate to prove they did it.

No. We use military shock cord which absorb the g-forces involved gradually so that the jumper is slowed at a steady rate, giving a smooth and thrilling bounce.

After signing an indemnity form you will receive a safety briefing from the site office. The site officer will then weigh you and designate you in a particular weight category, after which you will be harnessed and escorted to the jump Master. Following a further check you will then be attached to the Bungee rope by a ground operative. This will again be checked by the Jump Master. The jump station will ascend to the designated jump height and will be secured in position. During the ascent to jump height the jump master will instruct you upon the final pre-jump procedure. After being despatched from the jump station and having successfully completed your Bungee jump, you will be retrieved by Ground operatives and placed onto the landing mat, after which you will be experiencing the sensation of Post Bungee Euphoria, which affects people in many different ways, i.e uncontrollable laughter, the odd tear or it has been known for a swear word or two to be uttered. Finally, once you have been unharnessed, you will be directed to the reception in order to be presented with your official bungee certificate, which has been well earned !

Yes we do not pre-book more than 80 on any one day. After that slots are only sold at the site.

Yes “I Did It” certificate, caps, T shirts & Jump Photos & Jump Videos are available on request at the site.

The bungee tickets are non-refundable if you refuse to jump.

Only If you are a minimum group of 15 jumping on the same day in one slot as a group.

Yes, all 7 days 10 am to 6 pm.

Our Clients

  • Thank you Wanderlust for helping me tick off another dream venture! Though my heart got stuck in my throat the feeling was a total high of a kind. Shall look forward to aa repeat jump at the Leisure valley.

    Mona BhasinGurugram
  • Me & my 5 friends congratulate Wanderlust for making us overcome our fears & helping us leap over the 160ft fall! Shall return soon.

    Smriti Kapoor, SophiyaMumbai
  • Absolutely fabulous. Having jumped in New Zealand & Gold Coast I think you guys were the bests. The jump master is aa thorough professional & the safety aspects were perfect. The crowd at the JLN Stadium was awesome.

    Subodh AcharyaNew Delhi
  • What a jump. Enjoyed the 150ft leap while rocking at the Sunburn show at Goa. Thank You Wanderlust!

    Ajay BhatiaAMEX
  • I am lucky to be among the first 100 to bungee jump with Wanderlust. The professionalism & the triple safety system is much better then what I saw in New Zealand

    Ankur Sharma New Delhi

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