Scad Diving

Unattached controlled free fall from 150 ft. on a suck net. Is bungee jumping not enough for a thrill-junkie like you? Zero Gravity dares you to try Nothin' but Net. We lift you to just below the top of our 16-story tower … and then simply let you go! That's right – no bungee, no parachute, no straps. Just you, a 150 ft drop, and the safety net below. Our unique release system ensures you fall in a low center of gravity position. Double netting – your landing is supported by two stunt-quality safety nets secured with reinforced rigging. In fact, the landing is so smooth, you will hardly even notice it.

Suitable for:
- Age group 14 & above

Price Per Day:
1 Day 2 - 4 Days 5 – 8 Days 9 – More Days Out Right Sale
6 Lacs 3 Lacs 2.5 Lacs 2 Lacs 75 Lacs